Holy crap!

I disappeared on here.  I’m the worst blogger of all time.

however, student teaching and a part-time job got in the way.  and then there was also a lot of drinking/board game nights.  Settlers of Catan anyone??? Cards Against Humanity?!  AXIS & ALLIES?!?!  or MUNCHKIN?!?!!??!!?  Good times were had.  More good times will happen.

Soon, I shall post my recipe for Gluten and Dairy Free Tater Tot Casserole.  When the fourth member of our board game team gets back I will be making August Thanksgiving.  I shall also post that.  I need Thanksgiving dinner every three months.  It’s my favorite food.

I also live here, which is also distracting:

Truman Lake



Banana MUSH!!

So, last night I decided to make banana muffins using this recipe.    Instead of using her gluten free alternative, I just supplemented the flour with Glutino All Purpose Flour Mix.  

This is what they looked like: 



While they do not taste bad, they are not muffins.  They were more like banana sponge cake.  I am not sure what did it; was it the flour?  the recipe?  All I know is that I have 7 of these little turds sitting in my fridge that I am going to have to eat.  Why?  Because I will not waste that precious cup of gluten free flour.  

In other news, my tomato jam has been a hit since I added the pectin.  I eat it with eggs and goat cheese, while others have added horseradish to it and eaten it with shrimp.  Another friend had it with some toasted ravioli.  

Speaking of T-Ravs, I miss them.  TERRIBLY.  I need to attempt to make them, but as you can see above, my baking skills are limited.  

Now I must clean.  GO CARDINALS!!!

Did you see the size of THAT CHICKEN!?!

My favorite Dermot Mulroney moment.

So, I love fried chicken. I love my mom’s fried chicken especially. Since I’ve been gluten free, she has always been willing to make it for me with my flour and I have actually perfected the recipe on my own. I make it for the boy and he loves it, too.

Recently though, when we make something fried at home, like chicken and fried pickles, I have been throwing up immediately after. I think my body is just starting to rejected greasy foods.

But I love fried chicken. So, last night, I decided to try making baked “fried” chicken. I dipped two thighs and two legs into some milk that I had seasoned with pepper, salt, and garlic. Then, I dipped them in flour that I had also seasoned. I did this before we went on our walk and put them in the fridge. When we got back, I got them on the pan, seasoned them a little bit more and than put them in the oven for 20 minutes. I took them out, turned them over, added a little more seasoning and then brushed them with olive oil. After another 20 minutes of baking, they were done.

It was SO good. I hate to say it, but it was better than real fried chicken. I didn’t use as much seasoning as usual, but the seasoning was still better than fried! I also made some gravy using 1.5 cups of Lactaid Milk that I put into a blend of 3tb of butter and 3tb of gluten free flour, and then seasoned the hell out of. After bringing to a boil and then simmering for about 10 minutes, it was awesome! That of course went on the mashed potatoes I had also made.

The one thing I didn’t do was take off the skin. This will happen last time because I am trying to be healthier. As we all know, gluten free does not mean healthier!

Potatoes are My Sin



So, last night I had salmon and broccoli planned for dinner, but I had to feed my potato craving.  At first I was like oooh, fried scalloped potatoes like my mom used to make.  Then, I found a baked scalloped recipe on food.com.  For once I had enough dairy free cheese to make it and it was so good!  I was able to melt in my veggie cheddar slices and I had just enough lactose free milk left to make an awesome cheese sauce.  For the flour, I used Hodgson Mill Multipurpose Baking Mix, which is great for this type of stuff.  

What was awesome about the process of making the cheese sauce is that I realized I could make a great cheese dip or gravy with the butter, flour, and milk.  If I get more cheese and add some Rotel, I’ll have a kick ass dip!  I can get some sausage, skip the cheese, and make biscuits and gravy!

I’m so excited.  But now, I must go wash all the darned dishes from last night and clear up my Rum infused hangover. 

Bob’s Mother F*#kin’ Red Mill

Well, thanks to the ever fantastic Gluten Dude, I found out that Bob’s Red MIll’s Sweet White Sorghum Flour has been recalled for having too much gluten.  Read his post about it, it’s very informative.  Now, I don’t use that flour, but like most gluten free people, his brand has been easiest for me to find.  I just recently bought the Steel Cut Oatmeal.  I am now afraid to use any of their products.  I am now wondering, how can I trust any company that makes both gluten free and gluten containing products?

For instance, I have been feeling quite fatigued this week.  I am having trouble getting to sleep and what sleep I am getting is not making me feel rested.  This is a problem that comes with gluten.  What did my bf and I make this week?  Betty Crocker Cupcakes from the Betty Crocker chocolate cake mis.

I love those Betty Crocker products.  They are decently prices and taste great.  But, can I trust them?  I mean, my fatigue could have come from the “natural” meat I get at Walmart, but I eat that all the time with no apparent issues.  The website states that two of their employees are gluten free, which prompted the new products.  It also states that the gluten free products are made in a gluten free facility.  I hope it’s true.  But, I thought I could trust good ‘ole Bob, now didn’t I?


Celiac Awareness Day!



Since it’s my Special Lady Time, I needed chocolate and I have been eating everything I can get my hands on.  Including three of those lovely cupcakes the boyfriend made me last night.  We had a neighbor over for dinner and I had made this recipe, using a jar of Maya Kaimal Madras  Curry I had picked up in the big ‘ole city.  It was good!  I am definitely going to try to make my own curry sauce next time.  The neighbor was pleased, since she’s married to one of those guys that likes meat and potatoes.  Nice guy, but not willing to try new foods.  So I shall provide!  

It’s celiac awareness day.   I never know what to do with awareness days.  As I am out in the middle of nowhere, how should I make people aware?  I have a friend who’s husband thinks it’s all in my head; should I go to their house and eat a real pizza so that I can ruin his bathroom and show him just what celiac means?  Or will he tell me that I just had a “nervous poo?”  

How else do I convince those turds that it’s NOT ALL IN MY HEAD?!!?