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Let’s talk about crackers.  I love crackers.  Right before my symptoms started, I had discovered the joy of Garlic Triscuits.  I miss them.  I miss them A LOT.  

So of course, I have tired all of the gluten free crackers I can get my hands on.  Those little rice ones that are at ever health store are gross.  Blue Diamond Nut Thins are great, especially topped with goat cheese (which oddly, my lactose intolerant ass can digest).  Glutino crackers are fantastic, once again especially with toppings  like goat cheese and some gluten free summer sausage.  

However, despite all of these great options, I have been missing a cracker that I can just pop into my mouth and enjoy.  Saltines used to be that for me.  They were yummy all by themselves and satisfying.  

After five years of being gluten free, I have finally found a tasty cracker.  A cracker that is tasty all on its own.  At Walmart of all places, I found Van’s Lot’s of Everything Crispy Whole Grain Baked Crackers.  I was so shocked when I put them in my mouth that I quickly checked to see if I had missed a milk ingredient.  Every time I find something that tastes good, it will end up having milk. 

But not.  Not these.  These are good.  Try them.  I hope I haven’t hyped them up to much for you, but try them anyway.  

Now I must go eat more of them.   Probably the whole box.  


It’s Tomato Time

So, as is the norm around here, we were given a large bag of homegrown tomatoes.  At first I was going to make spaghetti sauce.  But then, I remembered the tomato jam I had at Rooster in St. Louis.  I need that jam.  NEED IT.  So, I found a recipe here.  I really hope it turns out okay.  I’m nervous because it made more than she said it would and other recipes all appear to call for pectin.   I put them in the fridge, hoping they set!  If it works out, I will make more and they will be great Christmas presents!

EDIT:  last week I emptied all of the jars into a pot and added a box of pectin.  Two days later, my tomato jam was JAM.  It’s a little too sweet, but not bad sweet.  I have been eating it alongside creamy goat cheese with an egg scramble and it’s pretty damned good.  It’s not what I tasted at Rooster, but I will get there!Image

mmm, bread. Bread that doesn’t FALL apart. Mostly.

So, as we in the gluten free community know, sandwich bread has been one of the most frustrating food items to find substitutes for.  I am not one of those that likes to bake.  I am not good at it.  I like to buy bread in the lazy I WANT IT NOW American way.  I typically have found Udi’s and Rudy’s breads to be the best and Udi’s is always what I am served at friendly restaurants.  Even though it’s small.  and falls apart.  Especially on a burger.  sigh.

I recently discovered Glutino Multigrain Sandwich Bread in Columbia MO at Natural Grocers, which is the best place ever with the best prices!  I wish the damned store wasn’t 1.5 hours away from me.  

Anyway, the bread is pretty good.  It holds together as a sandwich and only falls apart when I try to spread rock hard goat milk butter onto it.  Which I seem to remember is like normal bread, no?  

Okay, now I should go do some grown-up stuff.  

More seafood fun!

So, I’m on a seafood kick.  I can’t help it, this town is full of red meat and pork.   So, about a month ago I found a seafood pasta recipe that was amazing.  It was the perfect amount of creamy and the flavor was amazing.  I forgot to bookmark it.  I can’t find it.  The closest I found was this.  Now, of course I modified it, because that’s what I do.  For one thing, I don’t like red and green chilies that much and I cannot find dried cayenne peppers here either (which screws with the Kung Pao I am making tonight!)  I also used scallops instead of salmon as usual; I just don’t like salmon IN stuff, if that makes sense.  I also used Glutino Penne, which was awesome; my gluten friendly boyfriend even loves it.  Last time, instead of crumbling up some bread, I used actual bread crumbs which was way better than the bread crumbs I used last night.   Verdict?  It was good, the bf said it tasted just like last time, but I was disappointed and wish I could find the other recipe.  Next time I shall thicken the sauce.  So, I shall leave you with a few lame pictures of the meal:



Yesterday my co-workers asked me what my bf and I were making for dinner that night and I told them that I was going to make a seafood dish with shrimp and scallops.  This got us on the topic of seafood and I mentioned that I looooove calamari.  This of course led to the inevitable EWWWW, SQUID comment.  I would be annoyed, but it is fun to tell people about interesting foods to eat.

So, I ended up making my version of this.  I used scallops instead of crabmeat, garlic powder, and Siracha instead of Tobasco sauce.  I did use rice, but my boyfriend suggested that it might be better with pasta and he said it was.  I kept eating the rice, but I think he’s right and I’m going to use pasta next time.

I hate to admit this, but I have to shop at Walmart here.  The nearest health food store is a half-hour away, which in country time is forever!  They are also expensive.  Our Walmart also has a surprising mount of seafood and a decent little gluten free section.  The benefit of not having a Whole Foods nearby is that I am not gaining weight.  I worked by one once and there were too many fun gluten free and dairy free options and I started gaining weight.

Now I must go do grown-up things.

My oh so gluten filled job!

Currently I work at a restaurant on a lake as a waitress.  It’s a great location and it’s decent money for the area.  However, sometimes I am there for eight hours and I get hungry.  I get hungry for the food that is there, not the lame stuff I have brought.  Well, this restaurant has a bunch of country fried items on it’s menu and burgers.  I can have a few things, like the peel’n’eat shrimp and the ribeye, but even at my 50% discount, I can’t eat them all the time.  So what did I have one day?  I had the chicken salad cold plate, which is pre-made chicken salad on lettuce.  I looked at the ingredients, which were many, and nothing caught my eye.  As I got sick later that night, I realized that I had probably over looked the whole “natural flavors” section of the long list.  

I have GOT to stop doing that to myself.  I also have to stop ordering breakfast when I know damn well that the eggs are cooked where the toast is grilled.  sigh.  

So tonight, I shall eat my assortment of  nuts and a granola bar.  

Eggs Benedict continued…

Okay, today I made the recipe I mentioned yesterday:  I cut it in half though, since it’s just me today (the boyfriend is doing teacher training stuff).  I had to use some gluten free soy sauce as there is no Worcestershire in the house, or even A-1.  WHO ATE ALL THE A-1?!?!  I also added a few pieces of sliced ham instead of Canadian Bacon, as I had none.  The results as you can see in the photo, look pretty damned perfect.  I didn’t burn the Udi’s toast too much today and the sauce looks perfect.  The problem?  Half a cup of butter was too much.  All I can taste is butter.  Therefore, I have added Tapatio hot sauce to compensate.  I will get this recipe right!!   Now, I am off to work out to combat the load of butter I just inhaled!