Eggs Benedict continued…

Okay, today I made the recipe I mentioned yesterday:  I cut it in half though, since it’s just me today (the boyfriend is doing teacher training stuff).  I had to use some gluten free soy sauce as there is no Worcestershire in the house, or even A-1.  WHO ATE ALL THE A-1?!?!  I also added a few pieces of sliced ham instead of Canadian Bacon, as I had none.  The results as you can see in the photo, look pretty damned perfect.  I didn’t burn the Udi’s toast too much today and the sauce looks perfect.  The problem?  Half a cup of butter was too much.  All I can taste is butter.  Therefore, I have added Tapatio hot sauce to compensate.  I will get this recipe right!!   Now, I am off to work out to combat the load of butter I just inhaled!



3 thoughts on “Eggs Benedict continued…

  1. ruralroutelupiac

    Hi, Lady Sorghum. Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂 I can completly relate to being gluten free in a small town.

    If you would like to make your links clickable (for example – link directly to the eggs benedict recipes instead of making the reader have to copy / paste and open the site on their own) and don’t know how to do it in wordpress all you have to do is:

    Highlight a word in your text (for example if you wrote – ‘I followed this recipe’ you could highlight ‘this recipe’) then look up in the editing panel where you can bold / underline / etc

    Click on the symbol that looks kind of like a paper clip (it’s right below where it says ‘Add Contact Form’)

    That will bring up a seperate box where you can paste the URL to whatever site you’re linking to.

    Paste or type the address in where it says ‘URL’ then just click ‘Add Link’ at the bottom of the box and your link will be clickable (‘this recipe’ will have little line under it / be a different color in the published post and when the reader clicks on it they will go directly to the recipe site.)

  2. ruralroutelupiac

    You’re welcome. I hope I didn’t seem lecture-y. I had to learn how to do it on WordPress too so I just wanted to share incase you weren’t familiar with how to do it in this format. 🙂


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