It’s Tomato Time

So, as is the norm around here, we were given a large bag of homegrown tomatoes.  At first I was going to make spaghetti sauce.  But then, I remembered the tomato jam I had at Rooster in St. Louis.  I need that jam.  NEED IT.  So, I found a recipe here.  I really hope it turns out okay.  I’m nervous because it made more than she said it would and other recipes all appear to call for pectin.   I put them in the fridge, hoping they set!  If it works out, I will make more and they will be great Christmas presents!

EDIT:  last week I emptied all of the jars into a pot and added a box of pectin.  Two days later, my tomato jam was JAM.  It’s a little too sweet, but not bad sweet.  I have been eating it alongside creamy goat cheese with an egg scramble and it’s pretty damned good.  It’s not what I tasted at Rooster, but I will get there!Image


2 thoughts on “It’s Tomato Time

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