Thanksgiving in September

I crave Thanksgiving food.  CRAVE IT.  I want it all the time.  So, every so often, I make us a turkey breast with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans with corn.  I did this yesterday and oh was it good: 


I never use the same recipes twice, I just google stuffing and gravy recipes and use gluten free ingredients.  

I think my biggest goal in cooking gluten free is to make the foods I love.  

One thing I really miss (after living in St. Louis for a total of 7 years) is Toasted Ravioli.  That has been one of the saddest casualties of going gluten free.  We are going to make it soon, but I’m worried it will taste like a greasy mess, like the mozzarella sticks we tried to make once.  

So, hopefully, we will be trying this recipe in the next couple of weeks and I can report back on if it works.  


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