Celiac Awareness Day!



Since it’s my Special Lady Time, I needed chocolate and I have been eating everything I can get my hands on.  Including three of those lovely cupcakes the boyfriend made me last night.  We had a neighbor over for dinner and I had made this recipe, using a jar of Maya Kaimal Madras  Curry I had picked up in the big ‘ole city.  It was good!  I am definitely going to try to make my own curry sauce next time.  The neighbor was pleased, since she’s married to one of those guys that likes meat and potatoes.  Nice guy, but not willing to try new foods.  So I shall provide!  

It’s celiac awareness day.   I never know what to do with awareness days.  As I am out in the middle of nowhere, how should I make people aware?  I have a friend who’s husband thinks it’s all in my head; should I go to their house and eat a real pizza so that I can ruin his bathroom and show him just what celiac means?  Or will he tell me that I just had a “nervous poo?”  

How else do I convince those turds that it’s NOT ALL IN MY HEAD?!!?




One thought on “Celiac Awareness Day!

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