Bob’s Mother F*#kin’ Red Mill

Well, thanks to the ever fantastic Gluten Dude, I found out that Bob’s Red MIll’s Sweet White Sorghum Flour has been recalled for having too much gluten.  Read his post about it, it’s very informative.  Now, I don’t use that flour, but like most gluten free people, his brand has been easiest for me to find.  I just recently bought the Steel Cut Oatmeal.  I am now afraid to use any of their products.  I am now wondering, how can I trust any company that makes both gluten free and gluten containing products?

For instance, I have been feeling quite fatigued this week.  I am having trouble getting to sleep and what sleep I am getting is not making me feel rested.  This is a problem that comes with gluten.  What did my bf and I make this week?  Betty Crocker Cupcakes from the Betty Crocker chocolate cake mis.

I love those Betty Crocker products.  They are decently prices and taste great.  But, can I trust them?  I mean, my fatigue could have come from the “natural” meat I get at Walmart, but I eat that all the time with no apparent issues.  The website states that two of their employees are gluten free, which prompted the new products.  It also states that the gluten free products are made in a gluten free facility.  I hope it’s true.  But, I thought I could trust good ‘ole Bob, now didn’t I?



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