Potatoes are My Sin



So, last night I had salmon and broccoli planned for dinner, but I had to feed my potato craving.  At first I was like oooh, fried scalloped potatoes like my mom used to make.  Then, I found a baked scalloped recipe on food.com.  For once I had enough dairy free cheese to make it and it was so good!  I was able to melt in my veggie cheddar slices and I had just enough lactose free milk left to make an awesome cheese sauce.  For the flour, I used Hodgson Mill Multipurpose Baking Mix, which is great for this type of stuff.  

What was awesome about the process of making the cheese sauce is that I realized I could make a great cheese dip or gravy with the butter, flour, and milk.  If I get more cheese and add some Rotel, I’ll have a kick ass dip!  I can get some sausage, skip the cheese, and make biscuits and gravy!

I’m so excited.  But now, I must go wash all the darned dishes from last night and clear up my Rum infused hangover. 


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