Did you see the size of THAT CHICKEN!?!

My favorite Dermot Mulroney moment.

So, I love fried chicken. I love my mom’s fried chicken especially. Since I’ve been gluten free, she has always been willing to make it for me with my flour and I have actually perfected the recipe on my own. I make it for the boy and he loves it, too.

Recently though, when we make something fried at home, like chicken and fried pickles, I have been throwing up immediately after. I think my body is just starting to rejected greasy foods.

But I love fried chicken. So, last night, I decided to try making baked “fried” chicken. I dipped two thighs and two legs into some milk that I had seasoned with pepper, salt, and garlic. Then, I dipped them in flour that I had also seasoned. I did this before we went on our walk and put them in the fridge. When we got back, I got them on the pan, seasoned them a little bit more and than put them in the oven for 20 minutes. I took them out, turned them over, added a little more seasoning and then brushed them with olive oil. After another 20 minutes of baking, they were done.

It was SO good. I hate to say it, but it was better than real fried chicken. I didn’t use as much seasoning as usual, but the seasoning was still better than fried! I also made some gravy using 1.5 cups of Lactaid Milk that I put into a blend of 3tb of butter and 3tb of gluten free flour, and then seasoned the hell out of. After bringing to a boil and then simmering for about 10 minutes, it was awesome! That of course went on the mashed potatoes I had also made.

The one thing I didn’t do was take off the skin. This will happen last time because I am trying to be healthier. As we all know, gluten free does not mean healthier!


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