Monthly Archives: October 2013

Banana MUSH!!

So, last night I decided to make banana muffins using this recipe.    Instead of using her gluten free alternative, I just supplemented the flour with Glutino All Purpose Flour Mix.  

This is what they looked like: 



While they do not taste bad, they are not muffins.  They were more like banana sponge cake.  I am not sure what did it; was it the flour?  the recipe?  All I know is that I have 7 of these little turds sitting in my fridge that I am going to have to eat.  Why?  Because I will not waste that precious cup of gluten free flour.  

In other news, my tomato jam has been a hit since I added the pectin.  I eat it with eggs and goat cheese, while others have added horseradish to it and eaten it with shrimp.  Another friend had it with some toasted ravioli.  

Speaking of T-Ravs, I miss them.  TERRIBLY.  I need to attempt to make them, but as you can see above, my baking skills are limited.  

Now I must clean.  GO CARDINALS!!!